Who are you again

Who are you again

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It was.

To trust you

            was easy

To be with you

            was clear

To cry to you

            was untroublesome

To love you

            was effortless

To let you go

was not

To hate you

            was simple

To be mad at you

            was fitted

To miss you

            was torture

To forget you

            was impossible

To remember you

was worse

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We are Society.

I used to look at a woman and really take in and appreciate her body, whether it was the subtle curve of her hips, or the way her legs moved swiftly with each step.  I appreciated this simply because it was how God made her, and even as a woman myself, I recognize the sheer and gentle beauty of women.  But somehow, in the mess of all things that is life, my opinion became all sorts of twisted and…

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The Gutter.

Drip, drop,

the rain sounds on the rooftop

Hitting so fiercely, so uncontrollably

The rain, it’s on top of the world,

smashing against this rooftop,

feeling as it will never stop

But this rain, starts to






But doesn’t realize it until it’s 

digging fingernails into the


Praying to the God above

that He will teach them to 


Teach them to forgive, 

to really live

to be on top of the roof again,

To live right,

and to do


without a fight

But this rain,

continues to slide, 

covering it’s eyes, 

trying to hide

From what’s to come,

because here,

is rock bottom

Then here it comes,

the end..

giving up any possible way

to mend

what has been broken

But the most beautiful thing,

blocks the path,

while this rain,

is uncontrollably spiraling down,

while the cruel thoughts linger,

placed into the deep depths of the mind,

by this unforgettable,


It caught the fall, 

without one stutter,

and this rain,

will be forever thankful..

that God invented

The Gutter.

Drip drop,

here we are again,

being carried…

all the way to the rooftop

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to: anyone who reads this (and everyone who doesn't)


i hope you know how exquisitely beautiful you are.

your worth is not amounted in popularity,
in relationships,
or how many followers you have.
your worth is not grades, looks, height,
or what you weigh.

you are not defined by your skin color,
your gender,
your sexuality,
or your past—
these things are essential, beautiful parts of your make up but…
they are not your essence.

your worth is that you are, perfectly you.
intricate and vibrant, an important part of the world.
you have lungs that breathe,
a mind that thinks and dreams,
a heart that beats and loves.

you are someone unique and dazzling:
a story, a poem, a song…
a universe of blazing lights and burning fires.
but most importantly, you are a life.


And that’s something beautiful.

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Today is the Day

Love can really fuck a person up

You fall for someone and you

realize you love them

You love them.. So. Much.

You go on loving them 

and thinking it’ll last forever—

They’re the only person you’ll love

And then one day,

they break you.

they shatter you

they end you.

And all of a sudden,

you have to




But love is eternal,

love is undeniable

How do you love someone,

and then.. stop?

Did you never really love them?

Or will you.. Never. Stop.

The internal heart-wrenching pain…

never settling like a blood-filled vain.

Who can expect us to love again…

When the love we once experienced,

had to end?

The pain is like, a dark filled sky—

except we’re the birds,

and we have to learn to fly

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